How Each Zodiac Sign Cheats In a Relationship

How accurate is this, based on your experiences of being cheated on?

It has often been considered that polygamy or polyamory is the way of life. Sticking to one partner is not plausible, or desirable. One needs variety in life, and sometimes, we cannot restrain ourselves to the monotony of the same character. I’m not saying that all people cheat in their relationships, but the ones who do, abide by a certain pattern owing to their zodiac sign.


They are generally known as the calm ones. This calmness stems out of their abandonment, and lack of need to care about the rest of the world. They are comfortable in their own niche, and do not bother about how their actions are faring with other people. Being sort of smart, they anticipate your response, and have an armor prepared. It will never be easy to catch these ones.


Unlike Capricorns, they cheat emotionally. Your partner may not be sleeping with another person, but their heart is not with you. They cannot stay in one place for too long, and tend to drift towards the new best thing. They fall in love too easy, and fall out too soon.


This is a long-term process. Your partner will keep you satisfied, and believing in a happily ever-after. It will be years, and decades of damage, before you find out what is going own. There is some CIA-level planning that goes into their infidelity, and you must beware.


In a classic case of victim-shaming, an Aries will never own up to their fault. Don’t get me wrong here, they will not deny having cheated. Instead, they will portray you as the cause for having done so, in order to calm their own karmic beating.


These people love truly. So, if they are moving away from you, it is not because they are trying to hurt you, but because they genuinely love the other person. In matters of the heart, nothing can be forced. Irrespective of how painful it must be, you have to learn to let them go, because there is no hope left.


They glorify the clichés. They will cheat on you with the person who is closest to them. It is alright if you look at their best friend suspiciously. Chances are that there is something cooking. They literally cannot keep their hands off people around them.


They genuinely care. It is not common for them to cheat, but if they do, they will guilt-trip themselves over the pain they have caused. Trust me, nobody can beat them up worse than their own selves. Either they will tell you instantly, or die trying to hide the event. 


They don’t generally cheat. Not because they do not wish to, but because it is too much melodrama for them to handle. They are peace-loving, and find comfort in being with a single person through out their lifetime. They consider infidelity as a hundred percent unnecessary.


Bow down to the rebel. A Virgo is the greatest mastermind when it comes to infidelity. They plan everything better than Sherlock can unravel. So, it could be 50 years before you realize that you have been cheated on, all along. 


They never want to run out of “supplies”. So, they will entertain many dates at the same time, going behind the back of each. They have back-ups ready for every time a date or potential mate backs out. They are the emotional wreckers we were warned about.


They take relationships very seriously. When in love, they like to stay in love, until forced to opt out of it. Scorpios do not cheat, in general, but are often used in a cheating-scheme. They are easy to love, and become victims to the elaborate plans of others.


They do not feel emotions in the full spectrum that it offers. To them, infidelity is a game worth playing. They hop from one stone to the other, and enjoy the process thoroughly. They are hard workers, and look to this as a way to de-stress themselves.