7 Signs That Show You Have Telepathic Abilities – Do You Notice Any ?

If you think you might have telepathic abilities then you should be able to notice these 7 things.

Many people think that telepathy is not even real. The ability to communicate with others just by the powers of the mind seems too far- fetched? But the truth is that telepathy is real and many people are able to do it. However, the extent of every person’s power is different. Some can read the minds of others and what they are thinking. Others, who are much more powerful, can make others do what they wish by manipulation.

Telepathic powers can also be enhanced or developed in those who didn’t initially have much to go on. But, it is definitely a gift and some people are just born with it. And for them, everything comes a little bit easier and their powers are a lot more stunning.

If you think you might have telepathic abilities then you should be able to notice these 7 things.

Third Eye area makes its presence felt. This is the area between your eyebrows. It is said that this is where your insight into the universe comes from. If you feel any strange sensations in your third eye chakra, it means that either it is receiving signals from the universe, or that it is opening for the first few times. This is very likely to happen in the initial stages of the development of your powers.

Ability to read the emotions of others. You can read off how people around you are feeling by picking up their energies. This means that you can tell when a person is happy or sad, even though they might not have even talked to you at all. This is the power of empathy and is a mixed bag because you will always be hyper tuned to the emotions of everyone in the room.

Spiritually connected. You will find yourself getting curious about the Spiritual world. You might also begin to sense the spiritual energy of loved ones and Spiritual guides around you as you become more aware of them.

You dream often and they are all very realistic. Your dreams are no longer random and strange. And you also remember them after waking up. As you become more and more in sync with your abilities, your dreams will turn very vivid and will carry special meaning for you. They will also increase greatly in frequency.

You actively seek good health. If you suddenly lose appetite for junk and crave evening runs, then you know something is up. Your mind is preparing itself to open up to a new world and your body has received the message. This is the reason behind your sudden cravings of salads and everything green and why fruits seem a better dessert option than that triple scoop sundae.

You feel your telepathic senses stir up. This may happen in a variety of ways. You might get more attuned to the world of the spirits and start hearing and/or seeing them. Your senses are more active than ever and things which seemed empty and barren to you before are suddenly sprung up with a different kind of life. Other than sensing the emotions of people around you, you might soon find yourself tuned into their thoughts as well.

Your gut feeling gets stronger. Your intuition will go into overdrive and your gut feeling would become a 100 times more accurate. You will be able to predict a lot of things in future because of your intuition or thanks to a vision you saw. Whatever you see, don’t get afraid of it because it is bound to happen. Embrace your powers and learn to make the best use of them. Don’t try to suppress your intuition.