Steve Jobs Didn’t Let His Kids Use iPads – Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Either

He has a great point.

If you already have kids or are planning to, there must be so many do’s and don’t’s going through your mind. All of us want our children to have better resources and opportunities than we did, so that they can have a happy childhood as well as a secure future. And isn’t technology great. So many inventions could teach so many things to the kids which we perhaps might not. So let’s give them access to these gadgets when they’re young or they will get left behind. Hold that thought right there. Technology isn’t necessarily good for kids and guess who’s saying this- Technology Moguls like Steve Jobs himself.

Steve Jobs once admitted that his kids have not seen the iPad since they are not allowed to use too much technology. Now this might seem like so much potential and energy lost, kids could learn so much from the apps and so on and so forth. Well, it is wrong. Read on to know more.

Technology such as smartphones and iPads has the potential to make the average adult dumber by reducing their thinking and comprehending ability. If that wasn’t enough, it is a Pandora’s box full of every conceivable kind of distraction. Want to spend time with friends? You got it. Want to share picture? We have something for that too. Want to join virtual color pieces? Guessed right, we have that as well. If a mature adult can’t handle the amount of procrastination due to smartphones, what hopes do you have from little children who don’t know right from wrong?

Not just Jobs, the view that kids and technology should not be allowed to mingle soon is shared by many other tech execs belonging to Silicon Valley. They even go to the lengths of ensuring that their children are enrolled in schools which do not prefer to teach using technology but would rather be teaching by hands on expression. Pretty old school huh! Although their kids complain about them being frigid, and cold and too ‘ancient’, they are not going to change their stance.

This is because they are at ground zero of all those technological inventions and are all too familiar with the risks and dangers involved. If the trend of today’s youth is to be taken in account, kids who lean on excessive use of technology in their childhood would grow up with a complete lack of creativity and imagination.

This is because we need more than one source of learning to be better crafted individuals. Playing with friends and toys, outdoor games which were necessarily a league, and reading books and talking, this is how our generation grew up. And this is one of the good life. Replacing all of that would just invite a lot of premature ailments in the child, as well as a kid who doesn’t know the most basic truths of life, though their typing speed might be great.

Sadly, in our fast forward life, using technology seems like the easy way out when harried parents need a break. But too much dependence on technology is a real threat for the upcoming generation and as a parent it is highly advisable to limit the exposure of your child to gadgets and other equipment. Also, it is a good idea to balance the time spent in front of screens, with time spent outdoors. Your kids will love the joy of playing out in the open, and as far as resentments about gadgets is concerned, they might not understand it yet, but in due time they will be thankful for your judgment.