Here’s How Really Smart People Handle Toxic People

Smart people deal with toxic people this way…

Physical toxins are defined as objects which can cause harmful reactions after a certain amount of exposure. Well, toxic people are almost the same but much worse because- firstly, they don’t come labeled as toxic and can’t be identified as easily as poison ivy. And secondly, it can get a bit difficult to get rid of them.

Our lives are already quite hectic; by no means a walk in the park. Toxic people just multiply every bad thing and make all of it even more unbearable. So it is necessary for our mental and emotional health that we take them out of our lives because the harm caused by toxicity can be very hard to reverse. Here is how intelligent people who are adept at handling situations and emotionally non-vulnerable deal with toxicity.

They know where they stand. Being aware of one’s own qualities as well as shortcomings is a great way of avoiding toxicity of others. It helps in discerning whether an influence is internal or external and how to assess and accommodate it. In simple words, they don’t let toxic people affect them.

They are forgiving, but they don’t forget the lesson. They know that it is essential for their peace of mind that they forgive toxic people and move on. However they don’t forget the thing and therefore save themselves the trauma when history starts repeating itself.

They stay neutral in all conditions. When dealing with toxic people it is very important that you have the emotional strength and intelligence not to get beaten down. If you maintain your cool even in averse circumstances, you stand at a better chance of surviving the debacle unscathed, psychologically speaking.

They maintain and follow boundaries. Some people are just smart when it comes to detecting toxic people. And once they have done it, they waste no time in forming boundaries and then follow them religiously. This helps them in reaching their goals without becoming affected by the toxic people, who quite frankly can’t reach them.

They safeguard their energy. One of the most common effect or result of being in the company of toxic people is that you feel you have been drained of all your energy. Well that is what they do. The smart move is to realize the importance of your own energy and then safeguarding it from these leeches.

They don’t get side tracked. Toxic people work by distracting others. A smart person is one who does not lose the sight of what really matters. If you are completely focused to your goal you would find it easier to thwart the advances of a toxic person.

They don’t work alone. They are smart enough to know that they are not perfect on their own and therefore are not afraid to ask for help. They will turn to their friends and mentors if they find a condition is getting out of hands.

They can repel negative self talk. Even the most confident and self assured person is at the risk of being influenced by toxic people. They just put ideas in the head of people and let them do the rest of the harm. Smart people are able to assess when this is being done to them and counteract the negative with positive reinforcements of their strong points.

They look for a way out. They know how important it is for them to get the source of negativity out of their life and therefore they work to get a solution to the problem. Nothing remains unsolvable once you’ve pit your mind to it.