Inside The Mind Of A Girl Who Thinks She Isn’t Good Enough

Be the person to help her realize how amazing she is.

Sometimes, for various reasons, we have to leave people. And there is always that last goodbye that we have to bid to them. These are the very words that the person will have as the last memory of you. So, choose your words carefully. Whatever you say to that person will have an effect on her. Once those words are out of your mouth, you can never take them back. The damage is done. Think about what you are going to say. The wayof saying goodbyedoes matter.

You know, there’s a girl who seems to be pretty normal from the outside. But is she? Some think she is beautiful, smart, and funny. Some don’t. Some people think she is good enough and others do not. But what about her? Does she think she’s good enough? No, not anymore at least.

I’ll tell you why this happened. Can you imagine how it would feel to be ignored by someone you love, day after day? When you put someone at the very top of priority and that person doesn’t even care, you might start getting voices in your head saying you’re not good enough. That’s what that girl faced frequently. She constantly gave all her love to someone who didn’t give it back, who never cared about her feelings. That’s when she became such a broken person.

She feels as if she has no control over life.

She dreads waking up each morning and being attacked by her thoughts. She wants to be normal, but she doesn’t know how to. It’s not easy to overcome everything that brings you down if the things you do are inadequate.

She isn’t strong enough to deal with trouble anymore.

Everything seems to go wrong for her now. Nothing happens like she wants it to happen. After being pushed down by life continuously, she doesn’t have anymore strength to pick herself up and fight again. She just lets things go.

She thinks it’s her fault that people leave.

If she did things differently, maybe he would’ve stayed? She keeps thinking about what exactly she did wrong, that made them leave. She blames herself every day.

She doesn’t remember being anyone’s priority.

She has always given all the love she has, all her kindness and priority to people, but has never received any of it back. She gives so much, but gets nothing in return. Nobody cares to realize that she is the one who deserves the love.

She can’t overcome this by herself.

Everyone needs some help at times. We can’t do everything by ourselves. She needs someone who will make her realize that she is indeed good enough. All that she is thinking is in her head. That extra support always helps a lot.

She needs to be reminded that she’s definitely good enough for that right person. Some people will think that she’s not that great, but she must realize that it’s alright. When she finds that perfect person, she will be more than just enough for him. She will be his world.

Someone must remind her that in life, bad things never stop happening. But if you let them happen, when will the good come? She needs to stand up to the adversities and face them like a fighter. She must remember that behind the black clouds, the sun is happily shining. Bad times will pass.

She needs someone to tell her that whoever she likes, might not be a great person. Good people tend to be attracted to harmful people.

Be the person to help her realize how amazing she is. Remind her of all the things she’s good at, her good qualities and her nature. Give her the kindness and support she deserves. She just requires some motivation every now and then to recharge herself. Help her through her bad times, and you’ll get to see the person she truly is. You’ll see that she’s worth all the fight.