5 Lessons Every Sensitive Person Need To Know

Here are 5 tips for you to learn how to handle things better.

Empaths are scattered among the vast population of the world. Being an emotional reservoir is not a very rare trait, and therefore, does not qualify as a ‘condition’ that needs to be isolated. However, it does need special mention.

The people who are extremely perceptive and sensitive, operate on a wavelength much higher than the ones easily handled. We stumble, fall, and rise back up only to have the process repeated for us. As an overly sensitive human being, life is ten times harder than it needs to be. We feel everything in full blow. That means both happiness, and sadness. We have experiences the highest of the skies, and the lowest of the pits. Honestly, it gets tiring.

Here are 5 tips for you to learn how to handle things better:

1. Accept Who You Are And Master Your Emotions.

Remember that you are bigger than the mind and its tricks. Understand that your emotions do not rule over you, but function under your control. If you give them free reign, they will run wild. Treat your sensitive heart like a child. Allow it some cheat days, but keep them politely in their line, for the most part. It is a blessing to have the capability of feeling the full spectrum of human emotions, in such depth, but do not let it lead to your ruination. Losing track of your feelings in very easy, and before you know it, they are plummeting you into the ground.

2. Trust Your Gut Feeling.

If I had a cookie for every time this has been proven right to me, I’d have many cookies. Your gut-feeling, or sixth sense, is a primal instinct. Trust me, it will never lie to you. If something deep within you makes you feel like something is wrong, then 9.9/10 times, it is because that is true. Your gut-feeling is a piece of magic that you were allotted by birth. Do not lose it. Learn to observe your true feelings, and let your instincts run you. It will be hard to follow them, and sometimes they will lead you through a completely different way than you wanted. But it will never, ever, fail you.

3. Learn How To Concentrate On The Ones That Matter.

Not everything is worth your attention. If you start attending to all the small issues cropping up in your life, you will give your mental health away in no time. Do not do this to yourself. When you feel yourself going downhill, ask yourself if this really matters. Most of the time, you will realize that it does not. Stop yourself right then. He did not reply? Well, if he cannot value your efforts in a civil way, then he deserves none of your mental space. A friend constantly cancels plans? Well then, she isn’t a friend, is she? Save yourself the trouble of caring about things and people that really do not matter. Sort through your issues. This filtering process will bring you a lot of peace.

4. You Are Not Weak Because Of Your All-Feeling Heart.

Like I said, it is a blessing that you are able to feel all the emotions in their full potential. If everybody wished for stone-cold hearts, we would lose our favorite authors, poets, and everything beautiful in this world. All art stems from a feeling heart. Never regret the beauty of your sensitive being. I am sorry that the world has people who make it seem like a fault, but remember, that they do not make the rules. You are a miracle in your own right, and do not let anybody make you think otherwise. So many people around you feel privileged for the light you carry. Let it shine.

5. Have The Courage To Be Yourself.

You make your own rules, love. Do not live by the principles of others. It’s like having a blank book to fill with wonderful things, yet choosing to copy off the pages of your partner. Instead, there are 7 billion partners, and now all the books look the same. Where is the fun in an unoriginal life? Don’t let anybody tell you that your way of living is any less valid than others. Do what makes you happy, even if it goes beyond accepted norms. It takes a lot of courage to be kind in the 21st century. I am proud of you. This world will always try to kill your magic, but always remember to use your sensitivity as a weapon in vanquishing negativity.