Health Food Industry Vs Small Organic Farmers : Online Shopping Solution

Organic farmers are those that grow their crops without using harmful chemical pesticides and fertilizers. Their produce is healthier than conventional industrial agriculture practice.

These farmers today have great opportunities for competing and the solution for them is online shopping with the use big ecommerce giants Amazon, Etsy, Ebay, Bestbuy

Some farmers have been growing organic foods over the years out of hobby only.

Even they should start taking up the venture of selling their farm-produce through online retail.

With the right planning and constant hard work, the budding farmers, who are at the initial or planning stages of setting up their businesses, can set up a potential small business online and grow it big with time. 

Feasibility of competition between the health food industry and organic farmers

With the rise in awareness and increased ease of attaining information, people across the globe are realizing the hazards of chemicals and pesticides that are in the crops grown conventionally.

The alternative of organic farming thus needs to come to the forefront and compete with industrial agriculture.  However, organic farming is highly preferred over conventional methods for the following reasons:

  •  The use of cover crops, green and animal manures and crop rotations maintains the long-term soil health.
  • Biological control instead of harmful chemicals manage insects and weeds.
  • Rotational grazing with mixed forage pastures along with alternative health care ensures animal well being. 
  • It follows principles of ecological balance, the biodiversity of the surrounding environment and conservation of resources.

Thus, the opportunity for organic farmers to effectively compete gets increased many manifolds when we see that the focus of online shopping users is thus inclined towards eating healthy and also more aware practices to follow.

Organic farmers on online retail

Small business online can find itself seeing a great boost in a short time with the help of some meticulous marketing techniques and keep adding leverage.

There are some smart tips to keep in mind for all taking one’s business online and finding success over there.

Firstly, all farmers should discover a need that could directly induce the customers to come to their platform and fill it in a way that will retain them as future customers.

There are different categories into which their products can fall:

  • Better for You: These are foods that have edible oils, negligible trans-fat, low cholesterol, snacks and biscuits, diet colas, etc.
  • Functional: Foods made with highly healthy ingredients like iodine, iron, and cholesterol and fat reducing ingredients.
  • Natural:  Natural origins and chemical-free substances make the food. Preservatives like organic food, natural colour, and flavours, natural extracts, etc ar.

With the understanding of different online retail platforms and the ones for selling their crops or farm products, organic farmers can initiate selling online.

Thereafter, there are two options for the organic farmers for bringing their produce to online shopping. They can use an e-commerce platform and set up their business.

These platforms come with many features and an already built huge popularity of the platform. The other way is to create one’s website and build their own unique identity in the world of online businesses.

Then, using the various tools of digital marketing to help in increasing their online retail, like SEO and social media marketing, these businesses can drive large traffics on their website and turn the customers into ambassadors of their business.

Thus, with such right approaches, even budding farmers can tap into the potential and compete with the ever-growing health food industry.

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