There is Only One Type of Woman Worth Chasing in This Life

A relationship with this type of woman creates the perfect relationship—one with a self-perpetuating synergy.

A relationship with this type of woman creates the perfect relationship—one with a self-perpetuating synergy.

In the current dating scenario, the one phrase which keeps popping up is “She is just my type” or its reverse, whatever be the case. Now these ‘types’ are quite complicated in themselves. Though on the outside it might seem like that these are universal and straightforward, like tall girls and short, it is hardly ever the case. The fact is, we are highly unique individuals, and these types are also unique to each of us. For everyone there would be a number of variables, which when combined will make a very singular ‘type’, unique to just them.

Now, regardless of these superficial categories, there really are two universal type of woman. Every single woman from every single part of the world would fall in either one of these two categories- the ones who’d fill your life with joy and determination. They’ll make you feel grateful for the life you have, and hopeful about how much you can achieve. The second type is the exact opposite; they’d be miserable in themselves and they’ll make everything miserable for you as well.

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out what kind of woman you need to spend your life with and which one to avoid. But the interesting thing is, our individuality factors in here as well to a great deal. Because we all have had so radically different experiences throughout our life and have such different expectations, a woman who belongs to the first category for one guy, might be of the latter category for someone else. Although, there are quite a few who are thoroughly the second. They will always suck out the life of anyone they are with.

But, if you’ve found a woman who gives a renewed purpose to your life, who make you strife to be a better version of yourself, Do Not Let Her Go. Because of all individual preferences and quirks, it is very, very hard to find someone who matches are superficial wants, height, body type etc and our emotional and mental needs. The odds are already so infinitesimally small, that many might go through their life without having met her. But if you were lucky enough to do so, count your lucky stars and make sure you don’t let anything come in between you two.

She will make sure that you do everything to become a better version of yourself, because she knows that she deserves the very best. She will help you find the compassion and kindness which was always inside you but buried under many layers. She’d make sure that you excel at anything you do because your success is hers and vice versa. And she expects the same from you as well, that you keep inspiring her to outdo herself every single day.

Such kind of partnership is so holistic and mutually uplifting. Both the partners share each other’s joys as well as sorrows. They make them overcome their doubts and fears and they do it all without ever asking for anything in return. Yet each of them knows that they always have someone to hold when they need. This is the only kind of relationship worth saving and working hard for. No other woman or relationship is worth your time and heartbreak, if ever you find yourself in that position. It all depends on you to judge how does a woman make you feel, after the initial rush of newness is over and only safe that one which meets these criteria.