8 Things That Happen When You Meet A Nice Guy After A Narcissistic Relationship

Being in a relationship with a guy who is a narcissist is the worst kind of dating experience one can have. Things never end nicely; having run their natural course. A relationship like that ends only after a lot of hard work had already been put into it, yet to no avail. Because you can try however much you can, but you just cannot get him to love anyone other than himself.

Even though they are the absolute worst, yet many people stick out for an unusually long time in a Narcissistic relationship because of a false sense of security or if it feels as if it is easier to suffer than to break free. But sooner or later they might topple and you will find yourself apprehensive of ever getting into a relationship again. And if a really nice guy does approach you, you might still not find it easy to give in. but here are a few things you can expect from a genuinely nice person, especially after your less than easy ex.

1.Unlike your narcissistic ex who never had an ounce of faith in you, this new guy will boost your confidence. Because he knows that you are capable of so much and his conviction helps in building up your esteem.

2.This person will help you overcome the burn from your traumatic past, where you were the only one suffering the blame for everything. This nice guy will work hard to earn your trust and show that he is worthy enough for you to put your faith in someone new, especially after all that you’ve been through.

3.You will find it strange for your guy to go the extra mile for you, but he knows that this is what you deserve. He will do everything in his power to make sure you are happy, and even his little gestures will blow you off your feet because you have nearly forgotten how it feels to be treated right.

4.You will find your voice again. Your ex was only interested in his own views and opinions but now you will see that your new boyfriend actually wants to know what your thoughts are. Whether debating on serious issues or non-sense banter, you will never have to hold it in any longer.
5. This new relationship will have fights as well, that is normal. But this time it won’t be you who is apologizing all the time. Your boyfriend will take responsibility for his own actions and not always blame everything on you.

6.In your last relationship, you gave your all without ever a word of appreciation. This time you will find yourself on the receiving end of this attention and love. Your partner will do anything in the world to make you smile and so will you, even though he will never ask you for anything. Your mutual respect and appreciation for each other would flourish.

7.Your narcissist ex was used to manipulating you so much, that your entire life was about avoiding triggers and hidden mines. But in this relationship you will not have to be so careful all the time and that life is about listening to each other and not putting blame.

8.This new relationship will help you rediscover love. Without even realizing it, you had forgotten what real live is in your last relationship. This time around you will learn again what it means to trust each other, and uplift each other. There will be no one sided efforts, the two of you are in this together.