My Frenchie ​​no longer eats his kibble!

Raising a bouledogue francais is not just about playing with him: many other criteria come into play. Among these criteria, we can mention his diet. Giving a stable, healthy and balanced diet to your frenchie is one of the issues aimed at his good health. 

Raising a bouledogue francais is not just about playing with him: many other criteria come into play. Among these criteria, we can mention his diet. Giving a stable, healthy and balanced diet to your frenchie is one of the issues aimed at his good health. 

However, it may be that despite all the efforts that we give to offer the best kibble to his french bulldog, the latter sulks his bowl. In the same context, it may be that overnight, a little gourmand will refuse to eat his croquettes. At this point, it is important for you to adopt the right techniques, so that your four-legged friend can once again enjoy the taste of his kibble.

Help your dog overcome bad habits

What bad habits your bouledogue francais does is up to you. The fact that he’s starting to be more demanding may come from being used to having a lot of choices. Indeed, giving snacks or sweets too frequently during the day does not show him the value of his kibble. For him, there is no one-off meal: if he doesn’t eat, there will always be kibble available and maybe even something more delicious. In short, over time, it has become a little capricious!


The solution is quite simple. First, as cute as it may be, keep small treats as low as possible throughout the day. Second, it is necessary to set up one-off meals. The bowl should not be there all the time, in order to show him that if he does not eat, he will miss the meal and he can only eat the next one. For this reason, the bowl should only be left at its disposal for a maximum of 20 minutes.

These two solutions will help restore that feeling of hunger in your dog. Even if at first he will hang on and refuse to eat his kibble, he will eventually understand that he must eat during the hours allocated to the meal if he does not want to starve.

“Test” the kibbles

Do not worry ! When we tell you that you have to “test” the kibbles, it is not from a taste point of view, but rather practical.

Perhaps the reason why your bouledogue francais refuses to eat his kibble is quite simple: it is not good. For example, they may be out of date, with a high content of vegetable raw materials or even stored in poor conditions and inedible. It is therefore important to verify these three pieces of information.

It is possible for you to buy a new packet of the kibble that your french bulldog categorically refuses to eat. Try to feed him several times, and before his daily rations. If he still refuses to eat it, it is because our gourmet does not find these appetizing croquettes. Otherwise, the old ones are either out of date or improperly stored.

Check if it’s a loss of appetite or a real fear

First of all, it is important for you to determine the cause of your frenchie’s reluctance to eat his kibble: is it loss of appetite or fear? It may sound weird, but your bouledogue francais may be afraid of his bowl. In order to understand the real cause, here’s what to do.

First of all, a dog’s loss of appetite can come from several sources:

  • Bad eating habits: he always has croquettes and sweets at his disposal and becomes fussy.
  • Stress or anxiety: this can be caused by a new situation such as moving or losing your owner.
  • A change in temperature

It is therefore important for the owner to understand why his french bulldog does not eat any more. He can then try to recalculate the quantity of kibble his bouledogue francais needs, or even help him overcome periods of stress through physical activities or walks.

If none of the above reasons relate to the frenchie’s situation, the problem may be with his bowl. He may be afraid if the latter makes a lot of noises on the ground or there is a trauma related to it.

First, you have to try to change the bowl to see if this is really the case.

However, if your french bulldog is craving for love, he may be pretending to be scared so you give him a little more attention. In this case, try to spend some special time with him: after all, everyone needs love!

Nevertheless, when your dog is going through this fear, it is important to come to a vet.

See your french bulldog’s health

It is necessary to check if your dog has any health problems. It could be an illness or injury that he suffered and that is hurting him. To find out if your french bulldog is sick, you can try giving him something other than his kibble. The fact that he does not want to eat anything, even if it is something other than his kibble, constitutes an alarming warning: he must then see a vet as soon as possible. Indeed, maybe he is hungry but he can’t really eat anything because he is in too much pain. It can also be anorexia or a lack of appetite.

You will understand: there are a thousand and one reasons why your bouledogue francais refuses to eat his kibble. It is up to you to determine them by performing several tests around it. It is always important to stay alert when your dog refuses to eat because in some cases he is a tad finicky. In the worst cases, however, it may be that he is ill or has a profound illness.

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