Mom Proves The Healing Magic Of Breast Milk And How Miraculous Mother’s Bodies Are

That’s just amazing.

Ashlee Chase published a ‘before and after’ photograph of her breast milk while her baby girl was healthy and sick. It shows that the sputum of the infant helped the breast milk to produce antibodies when the girl was sick.

As time passes, we are increasingly learning about the amazing ways in which a mother’s body protects her newborn baby after the birth, and the photo Ashley Chase posted on Facebook is a real example of this.

White milk was taken three days before her daughter became ill, and yellow milk after the girl became ill. Ashley thought something was wrong with her milk and immediately contacted her pediatrician. The doctor said that the yellow colour of the milk appeared due to the extra fat and antibodies her body had produced to help the girl to heal.

According to scientists, what happens is actually known as “rinse”. When infants are breastfed, one part of their saliva returns to the mother’s nipple, and it is assumed that the saliva sends signals to the mother’s body.

A few years ago, Australian scientist Foteini Kaculas conducted a study that showed that although breast milk contains low levels of leukocytes, when the baby gets sick, the level of leukocytes grows rapidly and then returns to normal after the disease disappears.

The point of this story is proof that women’s bodies are incredible, and things that the body unconsciously does in order to protect the baby are miraculous!