11 Things About Her That Scream “Keeper”!

What you need to know about her.

What do you need to know to become the ideal partner? What are the qualities that boys find so attractive? How do you know she’s the perfect one, the one you should never let go of?

  1. She’s encouraging.

She’s the ever-present pillar of strength in your life, always boosting your morale and supporting your dreams. If you’re on a mission, you’ll always find her by your side.

  1. She is a genuine human being.

She can be seductive, have a great body or be the coolest, or she can be a sloppy bookish nerd but none of it matters if she is beautiful inside. You know you’ve got yourself a treasure if she has a good soul because that’s what counts in the long run.

  1. She isn’t afraid of saying what’s right.

It’s always more convenient and easy if your partner always agrees with you or brushes off confrontations to maintain peace. But a girl who knows to express her opinion and point out where you are going wrong is a girl to keep. She keeps you and your relationship on track, and doesn’t take things she disapproves of, lying down. This can strengthen communication and provides for a healthy and lasting bond.

  1. She understands which situation demands what.

Let’s face it; it can be stressful when your girlfriend meets your parents for the first time. If she is someone who doesn’t understand that every place has a specific code of behavior and dress, it can be a disaster and a source of embarrassment. Being funky or unconventional isn’t always the best, and can often make relationships difficult to maintain.

  1. You just ‘click’ with her.

It’s more than lust or possessiveness or whatever else Rihanna and Eminem say it is, with her. You two have some kind of an intrinsic lock and key that just fit. You laugh at the same things, understand each other’s point of view and are what they call “made for each other”.

  1. She really IS over her Ex.

Even when we are definitely over our exes, sometimes we aren’t still that available or equipped for a new, healthy relationship. Quarrelling with her ex; or showing signs of discomfort if her ex is dating someone else can be a sign of her mental unavailability to you.

  1. She accepts your life without judgment.

She will understand your affection and closeness to towards you friends and family, and not be too catty about it. She might not really like all of your closest people, but she won’t be stand-offish, and make it you choose between her and them.

  1. She understands privacy.

She is mature and aware of your personal space, and does not throw a fit when you don’t include her in all of your plans, be it going on a trip with your friends once in a while, having beer nights with the boys or indulging in whatever you like doing in your “me-time”. She understands and respects the need for a private time for you and for her.

  1. She isn’t “the usual please”.

If you’ve had a long trail of exes of the same type, maybe familiarity is blinding you. If your girl is rather different from all the people you’ve previously been with and suffered, it’s not necessarily a bad idea. For all you know, she just might turn out to be your “type”.

  1. She treats herself to the required amount of self-love.

She doesn’t need validation to survive and isn’t fishing for compliments all the time. Everyone likes to be appreciated once in a while, but someone who is insecure with being who she is can be really difficult to deal with.

  1. She doesn’t hold grudges.

She might not take things lying down and stands up for herself when she needs to, but she doesn’t hold grudges unnecessarily. She knows when to let things go, and doesn’t use past mistakes as weapons to win an argument. Spewing malice without reason can be an absolute deal-breaker, and cause a lot of hurt and bad blood.