15 Reasons Why Introverts Are So Damn Attractive

Try to get an introvert on your side.

Introversion is a trait of extraversion and is the central dimension of human personality theories. The term Introversion, just like Extroversion, was popularized by a prominent psychiatrist named Carl Jung and happens to be one of the most identified personality traits.

Introverts are self-confined and often calm in nature. They tend to be inward turning, or focused more on internal thoughts, feelings and moods rather than seeking out external stimulation. Want to spot an introvert? Look around, I’m sure you will find that one person, who is talking less, smiling more, and of course, OBSERVING TONS.  Introspection is vividly seen in their nature. Introversion and Extroversion occur on the same spectrum, which means there are different levels of introversion.

A person cannot be a complete introvert or extrovert. Even though almost all introverts are different, their nature and habits often remain common. The most crucial and tempting of which is Mystery. I mean, if you’re friends with an introvert then you should totally consider being a cryptologist because mate you just deciphered one of the toughest codes!

Ever thought what the world would be without introverts? 10 times more noise pollution, more festivals, more expenses and of course, too much useless talking. But then that is just one drop in the ocean. To find out about other interesting and attractive qualities of introverts continue reading:

1- All ears, always:

 In a world full of people wanting to talk, introverts are the listeners. They are so much like a ray of sun. Introverts are observers. They closely pay attention to things which is why everyone wants to open up to them. Introverts are good listeners, which is one of the main reasons why people want them in their lives.

     2- Ministry of mystery:

So in love with mysteries, they decide on being one too. It isn’t called “playing hard to get”. It is called “not so quick “. They never reveal everything. Imagine how it would’ve been if James Bond spoke about everything going on in his mind? Or if we knew of Varys true desires and his past heritage, from Game of Thrones? Unappealing, right? They are not attention seekers. But they definitely like occupying minds. For a long time.

     3- Dreamers:

They have “larger than life” dreams. Introverts will leave you spellbound if they start talking about things they think of. Their minds are often wandering and finding new wonderful ideas from minute things. This happens because they stay with and by themselves most of the time hence they invest more time in discovering themselves and things surrounding them.

     4- Smartness up their sleeves:

Mind you, smartness has very little to do with academics. It has a lot to do with how you see things.  Introverts are smart because they are observant. They often catch loopholes which others are mostly ignorant about. Nobody can deny that smartness is indeed the most attractive trait in a person irrespective of gender.

5- Expressive writers:

What do you think they do with all these millions of wild thoughts and theories which they have in their minds at almost all hours of the day? They, of course, can’t carry a heave head with them everywhere they go, so the best way to treasure them is to write it down. Therefore, in short, if you’re dating an introvert, be ready to be a part of their diaries and a good number of poems.

6- They are amazing as friends:

 Yes! I broke the myth. Introverts often come across as mean and arrogant to people just because they choose to listen more than speaking. The truth is, introverts are one of the most joyful and positive people to be around. Once they open up, you will find out what a crazy soul lays behind that resting minimal-expression faced person.


7- They can make everything spicy with their humour:

 A huge part of me believes that the online trend of dank memes was started by an introvert. Introverts don’t speak much, but when they do, you should prepare of yourself for some epic jokes and a hurting belly. Yes, an Introvert can switch from a serious serpent to a stand up comedian real quick.

8- Ideal lovers:

First things first, chances of an introvert being disloyal is really less precisely, because they don’t like investing their time on too many people.  Introverts are very careful about their actions and take authority of it when things go wrong. They do not make rash decisions in anger. Going back to point’s number 1, 4 and 5, loving an Introvert comes with its own set of pros and cons. They will make you level up in life.

9- Aware of themselves:

 Introverts are self aware beings. They have a pretty clear picture of what they want from life and people in their lives. They do not like beating around the bush. With utter diplomacy and realness, they will tell you clearly about their expectations, want from you and what they have to offer to you. All of this is a result of spending time with/on oneself.

10- Their love is one of a kind:

Not like we weren’t already convinced that we all need an introvert in our lives. Introverts are very romantic in nature. They are very exclusive to their partners and once they open up to someone, they don’t shy away from expressing their affection to the fullest. They don’t often like being around too many people so imagine what it would feel like to be loved by someone who doesn’t give their attention to everyone. One more point added to the list in point 8.

11- Sharp and keen vision:

 Introverts find beauty and ideas in things that a conventional person shall ignore. They are very observant and never fail to notice the minute details. It’s very tough to be missed from the eyes of an introvert. They are very careful so you are assured to almost never to leave your keys home.

12- Creative and expressive:

Their work is a good representation of their minds. Most introverts often choose creative professions which allow them to do what they love. They show their best potential in their work fields. And if somehow, they are allowed to work alone, and not in group, that is like cherry on top.

13- Real and unapologetic:

 Introverts don’t seek validation. This gives them the liberty to celebrate their uniqueness. They trust themselves because they know that they are their biggest strength. An introverts’ only competition is the reflection in the mirror. They aren’t afraid of being themselves.

14- Empathetic:

 Empathy is one of the rather rare gifts which only 1% of the population has. Introverts don’t only believe in uplifting themselves but also their close ones. They are affectionate people who like providing people with shoulders to cry on. Sometimes, they also go out of their way to help a person in need of help.

15- Careful decision makers:

You will never see an introvert taking rash steps. They are the calm storm. They take their own good time while making an important decision. They aren’t in a rush and so they carefully cross-check all possibilities, pros and cons before making a choice. Introverts also tend to stick to their decisions, unlike most other personality types.

With this, we come to the end. Hope you guys liked it and have already started to adore the quiet ones around you. Try to get an introvert on your side. They are a one-man army.