If You Fall In This Personality Type You Are Part Of 1% Of The General Population In The World

You are rare breed if you do…Check these unique traits.Do you think you have it?

All of us are special but some of us are blessed with unusual qualities. These qualities are found in an INFJ personality type person. For those who do not know, INFJ stands for introversion (I) intuition (N) feeling (F) and judgement (J). This concept was popularized by a prominent scientist named Carl Jung.

To find out more interesting facts about this personality types continue reading:

  1. Either black or white. No greys:

For an INFJ personality type person, it is either black or white. They do not appreciate grey areas in life. They want all or nothing. On some days they are on the tip of their toes for adventure, whereas on the others, they will stay in bed all day with zero productivity. They will either love a person to a point where it starts to look like an obsession or they are going to be completely ignorant. They either love passionately or not at all. It could be possible that people coming under INFJ personality type are wired in a way that they can’t ever be halfway through things and situations. Once they start something, they won’t leave it incomplete. This is applicable even on times when they’ve chosen the wrong path.

  1. They never settle. Never satisfied:

Unlike dust, people falling under INFJ personality types never settle. This point is highly related to the point mentioned above. It is probably because, for an INFJ personality type person there are no endings. For them, every ending is the beginning of a new race. Their quest for exploration and search is never-ending. They are never completely satisfied with one thing; hence, they are always on the go, looking for better than the previous.

  1. They work till perfection:

 The ‘J’ in INFJ personality type is the initialism of Judgement. This is clearly reflected in their nature and their field of work. Because they have a very sharp sense of judgement, an INFJ personality type person can never look pass through errors. They are never satisfied with basic and hence they choose to work on something until it is absolutely perfected. They might take more time than a conventional person but at the end, it’s all worth it. Can’t deny, it often gets tiring.

  1. Seclusion over socializing:

The first alphabet in INFJ stands for introversion. People with this personality type are introverts. They aren’t extremely social in nature and only speak when they are spoken to. They will never make the first attempt to communicate until and unless it’s absolutely necessary. They do not trust people easily which is why they barely have friends. Introverts like staying alone but they do not glorify loneliness. They have limited friends but are extremely close to the ones they choose for themselves and truly trust with their heart and soul.  They will choose to stay in bed all day with coffee rather than going out and taking meaningless conversations with unimportant people. They can also really like you as a person but still choose to be by themselves. It’s nothing personal. Don’t get offended.

  1. Human paradox:

Call them a paradox instead. You can’t ever find out everything about an INFJ personality type. Every time someone fools themselves into believing that they finally know everything about an INFJ personality type person, they are left disappointed in the end. They will say something and their actions will prove something completely opposite. An INFJ personality type person can go from being an antisocial nerd to the life of a party real quick. People often misjudge them as bipolar and accuse them of being chameleons but the reality is, they are just a box full of surprises. Sometimes they surprise themselves with their actions too like “Wow! I didn’t know I could do this”. So just sit back and enjoy in astonishment.

  1. Affluent writers

An INFJ personality type person is likely to be a better writer than a speaker. This is because while writing they have the liberty to express themselves in their raw forms without the fear of judgement or stuttering. Their mind flows through papers and often leaves the readers awestruck. People are left speechless when they read a part of an introverts mind. It amazes them to know what all is hidden in the mind of a person who barely speaks. An INFJ persons’ mind is a paradise on its own and when they write, they weave magic. This probably happens because an introvert is often all by himself. They spend so much time in discovering their minds and finding beauty in things which people otherwise consider basic. See it through the eyes of an INFJ personality type, it’s a masterpiece right here.

  1. From big to small, they see it all:

INFJ personality type beings are visionaries. They see and Think more than a conventional person. They think about things others cannot even imagine of. The visionary in them always thinks of a bigger picture whereas their judgemental sharp eyes never fail to notice the minute details. They never miss a loophole. When balanced properly, both these traits are of immense advantage to an INFJ personality type as well as the people in their lives. These two qualities also add a lot to their perfectionist nature.

  1. Human calculators:

They are amazing when it comes to solving mysteries and calculating human minds and the motives within them. This is because people belonging to this personality type are very careful, even about little things. They keep a track of people around them and can easily spot when a person isn’t having good intentions for them. This is partly a contribution of their habit of judging and partly of their intuition. They just know when something is wrong, even if they don’t have a very logical reasoning for it. They will trust their intuition over the words of the world. So the next time you aren’t sure about a person and what they are going to bring in your life, ask an INFJ personality type!

So these were the few peculiar personality traits of people belonging to the INFJ family. Adorable, Right? So they next time you spot one of them, know that in their wild mind they are probably busy creating an imaginary castle so DON’T DISTURB THEM.