Here’s Why Happy Couples Post Less About Their Relationships On Social Media

Do you think all the posts shared by people in relationships really signify their happiness?

Do you think all the posts shared by people in relationships really signify their happiness?

Each one of us knows a person who spams their social media with all things related to love. Be it a love quote or a romantic movie scene or probably a hundred selfies with their partner, we see this every single day. It’s not really necessary, is it? But we don’t mind it because if it makes them happy, why not?

Posting on social media is like an everyday routine for people nowadays. We crave for the likes and comments on our photos and statuses. “I got 300+ likes on my Birthday selfie! That’s something!” or maybe a photo of your engagement which brought in 200+ comments, these give us validation. But how does this work in case of people in relationships?

Happy couples seem to post the bare minimum about their relationships. They consider the following ideas.

1. Your relationship will feel better if you post about the happy moments.
Most people in relationships post selfies and little conversations with their lover to convince others that they’re actually really happy together. When we had fun, we let everyone know that we had fun. That way, the reactions from friends make us feel that we are certainly really great together. Happy couples don’t really need this.

2. When you’re really having fun, nobody remembers to click photos.
Times when two people in love get lost in each other, or maybe laugh too hard together, they really don’t remember to take a quick photo. If you’re having a great moment with your partner, posting about it on social media should not be on your mind.

3. Keeping the fights to yourselves will make things better.
Letting everyone on your social media know about the huge fight that went down between you two, isn’t going to solve it. If any, the comments and free advice might just make you feel worse or intensify the situation.

4. If you post excessively about your relationship, it means you need to feel validated.
Do you feel happier while you’re spending time with your lover or when you post about it online? Think about it. Living in the moment and enjoying it will give you more joy.

5. Couples who are truly happy don’t need to prove anything.
Being extremely happy is not the only reason why people post about their own relationships on social media. They do it because they need to prove something to people. They want to prove that yes, they’re super happy together. Or, they post to make their exes feel jealous. Sometimes even because they want to declare the fact that ‘this person is mine’. Honestly, if you’re a truly happy couple, you wouldn’t care to prove your love to anyone.

6. The lesser the time you give to social media, the happier you’ll be.
Other people on social media seem to have their lives completely sorted out, don’t they? They’re so lucky, we think. We tend to get upset thinking about how different, boring and imperfect our lives are compared to theirs. Remember, we only see the things they want us to see. We only see the happiest moments of their lives. Their real lives might not be the wonderland we think it to be. Studies have shown that people who stay away from social media are thus happier, as they live their own lives without comparison.

Hey, we’re not saying posting things about you and your beloved is a bad thing. If you’re happy and you want to share the thought with people, go ahead. But keep in mind whether you’re posting because you really are overjoyed about your relationship, or you’re doing it because of the intentions discussed previously.

Just live in the moment and enjoy your time with your loved one. Social media is good for sharing your joys with people but don’t let your relationship be only about that.