What Hairstyle Reveals About Man’s True Character

A hairstyle says a lot about someone’s character and their personality. It is an important component of how people express their individuality. After all, don’t people put a lot of time and thought into how they want their hair to look like? This article focuses on 8 observations that we have made, regarding different hair styles. Though it doesn’t mean that these are very rock strong boundaries, every person is different. But these groupings have been found to be correct 80% of the time.

Long Hair

Let’s face it. Not every guy can carry off those long locks. But those who do, they look oh so pretty, don’t they? I for one, am always reminded of the powerful Vikings or other such fictional characters every time I see someone with long hair. It is also a sign of very high intelligence and intellectual prowess. No doubt this hairstyle demands lot of care, but it is so worth it.

Short Cropped Hair

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Along the temples and the nape- This one is a very popular hairstyle these days and with very good reason. It is one of the sexiest look a man can get. But, since it is incredibly popular every second guy seems to sport this look. So to stand out with this hair-cut, a guy must really charming and handsome. This hairstyle is preferred by people who are known to have a fun personality and who can easily keep others entertained.

Bald look

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Someone who truly doesn’t care what others think about them; there might be many reasons why a person will choose that look. Perhaps their hair was thinning out and they decided to take matters in their own hands. Or maybe they didn’t want to bother maintaining a hairstyle. Whatever be the reason, but they choose to pull off this rather difficult look (two words- skull structure!) and are now dazzling people with their attitude. They are also very intelligent and trustworthy.

Parting in the middle

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This is not a popular choice among men. But, the ones who do choose it often are the ones who are more interested in chasing after results more than anything else. They are focused and goal oriented and don’t have the time to think too much about how they look.

Vertical Bangs

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This is not such a popular hairstyle now as it used to be a while back. Those who still sport it are mostly whimsical about the time when it is was in vogue. They are also very good at keeping people entertained and so everyone longs for their company.

Bangs on the side and medium length

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One of the most attractive hairstyles for sure and it is not that easy to get it right as well. Anyone who can show up looking good in this day after day are obviously very good at keeping track of their life and its many wants. They are also very Romantic at heart.


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Another very macho hairstyle and definitely not easy to pull off; usually preferred by hot guys with good and muscular bodies. They are very up to date with the trends and would sport matching clothes and a beard with this look.

Top knot

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This is one of those hairstyles which automatically arises intrigue. Those who sport this look obviously have a hell lot of confidence to be going around like that. And they do look good in it, no doubt about that. And anyway; they wouldn’t give two hoots about what others might think. They look tough and they are tough.