8 Signs Your Girlfriend Is Cheating On You, According To Women

Watch out

Being cheated upon is not a good feeling. In fact we would rather live in oblivion than face the fact that our partner is cheating on us. But sometimes, you just can’t ignore it any longer. But how do you make sure if your girlfriend is cheating on you. Her being out too late or in the company of other men doesn’t mean that she’s cheating, and confronting her just for this is stupid and uninformed.

But then, how do you know if she is faithful or not without stooping down to spying on her. We talked to some women, and here is what they think the most tell tale signs of a cheating woman. These too aren’t set in stone and there might be a good reason behind it even if you find your girl doing one of these things.

But sometimes, it is one thing too many and then you might have to look for a better way to face the whole situation. But first, see if you can recognize any of these behavioral changes in your girlfriend.

1. Out of the blue there is now a new friend. Nothing wrong with that but this particular friend seems to suddenly become way too close and keeps popping up in conversations left, right and center. Everything reminds her of something he did. Things go out of hand when he is now more informed about her day than you.

2. Your girlfriend starts acting all private and secretive. There is nothing wrong in having personal space in a relationship, but now it is like you, her and her phone. Start paying special attention when you think she is smiling more or being happier just after looking at her phone.

3. She is no longer able to make time for you, even though you are always expected to be available at every whim. She seems like all her time and energy is being applied somewhere else, and you are not even told where. Work Days are still okay, but if there has been a consecutive chain of weekends where you haven’t been able to even see each other, you need to address the situation.

4. She suddenly starts finding problems with the compatibility between the two of you. Then she can play the age old dilemma card that even though your relationship has all the love in the world, but the two of you just can’t seem to get in sync.

5. She will suddenly act guarded and distant. Sex and even light physical intimacy would become nearly nonexistent. And if you’ll ask what’s wrong you’ll get nothing but ambiguous answers.

6. She suddenly starts acting completely irrational and accusing you of cheating or the like. Specially, if you’ve done nothing at all that could make her feel so. If this is the case, then it is a possibility that she is projecting her own infidelity on to you because of the guilt she feels.

7. If she suddenly starts protecting her means of communication a bit too much. There will suddenly be a new, complex password on her phone, which by the way is always kept facing down these days so you will not get a look at the notifications even by chance. She will try to shield you from reading her emails or messages if you two are sitting side by side.

8. The biggest indicator is that if your girlfriend suddenly starts finding problems where there aren’t any. If she is trying to get out of the relationship, she will do everything to justify and convince, you as well as her that there are a lot of problems and the two of you are better apart.