Foods Every Man Should Be Eating

Today I’m going to talk about the top five foods all men should have in their diet and we’re going to start off with the tomato.

Tomatoes are amazing because they’ve got like open and lycopene is an antioxidant that’s been shown to help prevent men’s prostate problems and even prevent prostate cancer.

Also the tomato has been shown to help with having healthy skin. It’s an antioxidant so it’s going to help you recover better from workouts.Tomatoes are also packed with potassium and potassium is a mineral that most people are deficient.Specifically if you’re male who works out and does any sort of endurance sports you’re going to get more potassium as an electrolyte to help your body recover faster.

So tomatoes here are going to help you recover faster from workouts.Ok that’s the number one food number, number two is broccoli. Broccoli is packed with vitamin C, calcium and magnesium.That why it’s also very important tho add tomatoes in your diet.Tomatoes are alkalizing your body and vegetables are a thing I think a lot of men kind of leave out but you’ve got to be getting more vegetables specifically broccoli because it’s one of the best that vitamin C and broccoli helps boost your immune system.

Broccoli a lot help you alkalize your body and reduce acidity which is also going to help your body recover faster.Calcium is not just important for women it’s also important for men and building strong bones becoming stronger so you need to add more broccoli into your diet.

Next food one of my favorites is almond. A lot of people don’t realize this but almonds are packed with a amino acid called l-arginine.L-arginine is one of the number one amino acids men need for building muscle and for increasing what’s called human growth hormone and testosterone.So if you’re a male as you start to get older if you’ve noticed that your strength is declining.If you’re noticing that I you know even things like your libido aren’t as high as they were how you really want to get almonds.Actually one half a cup of almonds has 1500 milligrams of l-carnitine.

Last couple things here also very important for building muscle ,organic eggs.There is a big difference between organic eggs and non-organic eggs. You’re going to go for the organic free-range natural eggs or best things you can find them locally from a farmer.

Eggs have the most bio available source of protein for building muscle so if you’re really wanting to build muscle get a good source of protein you can’t leave eggs, they’re simply the best of the best.

Also the yolk is full of healthy fat and if you want to naturally increase your human growth hormone. HGH is known as your anti-aging hormone and if you are still working out you need to consume organic eggs.Specifically for the omega-3 fats.

Organic eggs have three times the omega-3 fats, they have double the amount of vitamin E and they have about ten times the amount of beta-carotene which again three times the nutrients.That’s a lot more nutrients so go for organic eggs whenever you can if you want to build muscle.