The First Animal You Saw In This Picture Reveals The Essence of Your Soul

We subconsciously choose the animal that resonates most with our soul.Find out what it means.

With rapid urbanization of the world, concrete jungles have replaced greenery and animal life. A lot of us are privileged enough to live in cities and we enjoy it as well, but even then a lot of people seem to have a strange connection to nature. All of us have our favorite flowers, trees or animals. Preferences when it comes to animals can tell us a lot about our personality as well.

Take a look at the picture to find out more about yourself.

The first animal you found in the picture is indicative of your personality. The reason for this is that we subconsciously choose the animal that is resonating with our soul the most first.

  1. Dove

Dove is the sign of hope and peace. It also represents unity. If you saw a dove first, it shows that you have a pure soul. It is an indication of your conflict avoiding nature. Material things do not hold your interest. Your focus in life is becoming a better human being rather than indulging in the worldly pleasures. This makes you work on yourself as a person by acknowledging your mistakes and learning from them instead of getting defensive.

  1. Butterfly

If you see a butterfly first, it is indicative of your hedonistic inclinations. Butterflies stand for beauty and pleasure. Your motto in life is to live in the now. You could not care less about the future and you are never worried. You realise the short nature of a lifetime and you make each moment count. You believe in living your life to the fullest. It is very easy for you to get bored and you do not like making small talk. 

  1. Falcon

Seeing a falcon means you seem to fly above over everybody else around you. You seek adventure and you have a high sense of self-esteem because you are comfortable in your own skin. Your confidence can often come across as being haughty to others, but your confidence is well founded and you truly deserve it. You allow yourself to be the only one to dictate the terms of your life and you do not like being held back by any person or cause.

  1. Dog

Dogs have always been the symbol of loyalty. If you saw the dog first, it means you have a very giving and generous nature. You like making people laugh and you are trustworthy. You have a friendly and outgoing personality which makes you very likeable. You are the person who everybody can rely on, and you help out those who are in need all the time to the extent that it sometimes takes a toll on you.Take care to not stretch yourself thin while helping others. 

  1. Wolf

Seeing a wolf means you are secretive and guarded. Just like wolves have packs, you have a very tight knit circle of people you are comfortable around. You are also very choosy when it comes to making new friends because it is hard to gain your trust. You have an old but fragile soul that your guard fiercely with your nature. This also makes you look intimidating for some people.

  1. Horse

A horse symbolises freedom, grace and a majestic aura. If you saw the horse first, you are someone who does not hold back while living life by your own rules, but you also actively work to help those around them. The work you do for others is very selfless as you have all the means to simply not do it. You are self-aware, helpful, poised, tenacious but very easily distracted.