The Number One Reason That Kills Your Confidence Based On Your Zodiac Sign

See what makes your confidence drop.

They might have issues with their self-esteem because they care too much about how many friends they are surrounded by. If they don’t have a legion of followers, they start doubting themselves. But not everyone can always make time for you, doesn’t mean they don’t care for you.

The problem with Libra is that they are very reluctant to move on. They will keep replaying the same thing again and again in their head, brooding for far too long than what is healthy. Being miserable and pitying themselves is their preferred state of existence. It is time they realize that none of it leads to any good.

Aquarius amplify everything in their head; a bit too much for their own good. So every slight for them is a 100 times worse. And because they can’t let the little things go, they fight with low esteem. They need to learn to forgive themselves and learn from their mistakes.

The only thing standing between a Scorpio and them realizing their own worth is the company they keep. Scorpios have an affinity for toxicity and these people constantly pull them down. If only they could get rid of them, Scorpio would realize how amazing they are.

Capricorn have always been considered the best of the best. They constantly hold themselves to very high standards and by that we mean really impossible things. And when they can’t reach them, they wallow in low esteem.

They look for approval from one particular person in their life, who might not even be ready to give them their time of the day. It gives their self-esteem a hit when that person does not appreciate them enough. Instead they should be focusing on people who truly love them.

The no. 1 reason Aries have trouble with their self esteem is because they cannot stop making comparisons. They might have just been promoted, but more than celebrating their success they will immediately start comparing themselves with their friends and acquaintances to see if they are doing better than them.

Virgo is a very smart sign. They are intelligent and hard-working and get things done. But this diligence also opens them up to vulnerability. They immediately set to analyze anything anyone says. And then they over analyze the situation to a point that they stop listening to the other person altogether, making assumptions in their head about how that person absolutely hates them.

Taurus are one of the most stable of all signs. But they take it a bit too far sometimes. They are afraid of any kind of change and so they find themselves in a rut. They will not let themselves feel good about anything if it involves any kind of change, even if it might be a simple thing as getting a new haircut.

Leos are all about things, material accomplishments. They feel a boost in their self esteem every time they have a new toy to show off. But every time things get tough, they get a hit on their confidence. They need to stop putting their self worth in things which can be bought.

Gemini are quirky, fun and above all indecisive. They frequently have self esteem issues because they are never sure of themselves and their decisions. They are always second guessing and doubting themselves, so it gets very hard to feel confident about anything.

Cancer draw their sense of self worth from the relationships they have. They will feel good about themselves as long as things are going great with their partner. However if there is any sign of a fight or they break up, they will take it to mean the end of the world.