Man Made Fun Out Of His Wife’s Body After Giving Birth To Their Child. Her Comeback Is Priceless

Wow! What a comeback!

Motherhood is beautiful. Being pregnant with a wonderful baby fills our hearts with joy. But at the same time, women have to face many health issues and other problems while pregnant. At times, men take us for granted. “That’s what you’re supposed to do, right?”

To bear children, women have to sacrifice their careers for some time. They have to stay away from friends, give up their body shape, stay at home all the time, among many others.

We all know how emotional and sensitive pregnant woman can be. The hormones take a toll on their mind and bodies at every level. The pressure is huge. Women are walking talking miracles! Without us, there wouldn’t be any human life on Earth.

And some men think pregnancy is easy because that’s a woman’s primary job. It’s beautiful, it’s a miracle, but its hard.

Women constantly need the husband’s support and understanding. Men must understand that what we go through during pregnancy would be a lot easier and better if they are by our side. A man’s responsibility towards his child doesn’t begin only after the child sees the light of the world. It begins from day one of pregnancy. Women go through so much to bring a child into this world, then why shouldn’t men help them through the process? It’s not too hard to give emotional support and be caring towards the wife, is it?

That being said, it’s also true that women feel insecure about their body shape during and after pregnancy. The skin gets loosened, and we gain so much of baby fat after the child is born. We have a beautiful child to love and care for, but somewhere, the insecurity about our bodies make us upset. We don’t look like what we looked like before. None of our clothes fit anymore. Baggy t-shirts and pajamas are the only thingswhich make us feel comfortable. In the middle of this depression, it feels really bad to be attacked right at our insecurities. It’s even worse when those hurtful words come from the husband.

Reading this story made me think that the husband surely doesn’t know how much it hurts to hear a comment like that. It takes a lot of time and determination to get back in shape after pregnancy. And until it happens, women stay pretty depressed.

Here’s what happened:

After giving birth to the first child, the wife, as usual, gained a lot of baby fat. The husband was pretty disappointed about his wife’s current appearance.

It had been barely a few weeks since the mother and the baby have returned from the hospital. The wife was doing some work when the husband entered the room from behind and made a remark. He said, “Well, your ass started to look like an old washing machine, it’s getting so big.”

The wife, obviously hurt by the comment, made a wise choice to keep calm. She decided not to respond to it right away.

Later that night at bedtime, the husband started feeling sexually aroused and hence laid the proposal for a night of making love.

The wife responded to such a proposal by saying that the old washing machine cannot be started for such a small load. “You should help yourself.”

Wow! What a comeback! I cannot imagine what the reaction of the husband was when he heard this solid reply. But I’m sure it was priceless!

Hurtful comments on people’s insecurities deserve to be replied to in such a manner. Her comeback was a perfect answer to what the husband commented. Men would never have to go through such a situation, but the least they can do is be supportive and help their wives by motivating them and loving them beyond their looks.