These Are The Biggest Mistakes Men Make When Making Love To A Woman

15 biggest mistakes man make.Read on to know where you can improve.

Men take pride in pleasing their woman, but sometimes they might have no idea of what is she really feeling under the sheets. There are many reasons why women hide things from their partners, no. 1 of which is to spare their feelings. Well here is a list of things that men usually don’t get right, according to women. Read on to know where you are doing well and where you can improve.

1. Not paying enough attention to the ambience. If you put the effort to set the mood for your woman once in awhile, it will go a long way in making them feel really good.

2. Missing out on the Foreplay. If your girl ever said that she’s okay without much of it, there is a 90% chance she lied.

3. Women hate being hurried. Wild passion is one thing, but if you move in too soon without first paying attention to her needs, then it’s just rude.

4. Not paying attention to signs. Even if the woman doesn’t say anything outright, her body would be doing the talking.

5. If you don’t make any kind of noise, are you even enjoying yourself? And if you are, you need to let your partner know. And did you know a man moaning is hella sexy?

6. Talking is as important as any move you might be proud of. Discuss what the two of you would like to experience beforehand. And it can also help in the foreplay.

7. Assuming that your partner is also satisfied just because you are. Well you never know, so better ask. Women are scarcely satisfied as soon as the men.

8. Not every woman likes to play it rough. They are sensitive so you should always ask how they want to do it.

9. Learn anatomy. Women’s bodies have a lot of erogenous zones; better acquaint yourself with all of them. You would be rewarded enough for all the trouble you went through.

10. If you want to experiment, that is a good thing. Everyone wants their partner to be a little adventurous. But sometimes some people can take things a bit too far. Trying out too many things rapidly is just tiring. Better pay attention to what works for you and work on it for a little bit before moving on to the next thing.

11. Kissing is the most important part of your entire wooing process. Nobody expects you to be the perfect kisser directly off the bat, but it is advisable to learn. Don’t be a sloppy monster that might eat off the face of the poor soul.

12. Although there is no logic behind this line of thought, but some men just think that the body parts of women are the same as men. And so their treatment is also like that. It could not be more farther from the truth.

13. This might be the worst of all offences. Men think they are the ones who are in charge and know what the best is for everyone. Women don’t like it when men assume what they want. This is a huge turn off.

14. In continuation of the previous point, sometimes men also feel they are entitled and it is only their likes and dislikes that matter. Well, if it was like that, wouldn’t you have been better off alone?

15. Not talking about it afterwards. This is one of the stupidest things that many people do. You have already done the deed; you don’t have to be shy about talking about it. And when you do talk about it, the two of you can share your experience and actually know better what works for both you.