Be Aware Of These 11 Signs, It Means That Your Energy Is Drained By Those Around You

Are you victim of Energy Vampirism? 11 Things To Look Out For

We all are beings of energy and we need it to exist and function, in this
realm and every other. However there are parasites, which knowingly or
unknowingly leech off energy from you and leave you drained.

This is bad news for you as it affects you and your mental, emotional, physical
as well as spiritual being. The beings that leech off your energy can be
divided into two categories-

  • Physical– Physical energy leeches or vampires are just normal
    human beings around you. However, they have a certain deficit of
    energy of their own and therefore they unknowingly tap into the
    energy reserves of others.
  • Non-Physical– These are mischievous who don’t belong to our
    realm. Yet they exist solely to suck off energy from other beings
    and this is their only method of survival. They do so by harnessing
    and exploiting trauma faced by their victims, either physical or
    sexual abuse as a child or an adult etc.

You can also be at risk of this; without realizing you can be providing a
source of energy to others while depleting your own reserves. Look out
for these signs if you suspect that your energy is being hijacked.

1. In the presence of certain people or after an interaction with them
you will inexplicably tired or worn out. These might also be people
who tend to talk at you, not to you.

2. If you have been trying too hard to be a part of a group or clique.
When you start making changes in your own self just to please
others. But none of it is worth not being true to you.

3. Always having a sense of guilt for having failed people somehow.
This is very toxic and negative because in such cases the problem
lies with people’s expectations and not your abilities.

4. Being an extreme pushover, seeing and letting people walk all over
you even though inside your brain you are screaming at yourself
for not standing up to people.

5. Having a sexual relation and sharing intimacy without any of the
partners feeling love or loved.

6. Being stuck in a toxic relationship which you want to leave. But
you are in the rut and can’t even though you know it is the best
thing for your mental, emotional and spiritual well-being.

7. Being intrigued by useless drama. This promotes in you a sense of
wanting to take part in the drama of others and/or create one where
there is nothing.

8. One of the most common forms of physical leeches is narcissistic
personality types. Nearly any form of relationship with them ends
in the form of mental and emotional abuse. They belittle and
intimidate a person to a point that people start losing faith in them
and can’t discern right from wrong. This kind of relationship is
very hard to get out of and needs a lot of will power and support.

9. Blindly worshipping an entity, be it a spiritual Guru or a famous
celebrity of even God. Being a follower is different and does not
involve you channelizing all your energies onto someone else.

10. Allowing you to be emotionally blackmailed or put in a spot, by
people who claim that they cannot survive without you. Carried to
the extreme they start accusing you that you wouldn’t take such an
action if you truly cared for them.

11. Always being tired no matter how much you try to maintain a
healthy lifestyle. If you have ticked off all the possible physical ailments which can cause this, you should sincerely focus on energy vampirism.

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