Hi !

Thank you for visiting my blog. My name is Paul, a regular guy who love to play sports, food, travelling and blog about one of the most important in life which is health.

I created this blog during my university freshman year to share the knowledge of how to be healthy with food.  Life is especially tough when you are in the university as you will be feeding yourself.

I hope that readers who read this blog will gain knowledge, some ideas or advices on improving your healthy life. Most of the articles in this blog are healthy food that you usually took for granted. Do you know that coffee contained caffeine? How about the reason why people tell you to eat fruits first and not after the meal?

If you want to contact me, use the following information below. Love to hear your comments! If you have any interesting stories or advices that you would like to share, please sent me an email here! I am excited to share your experiences

WARNING  :  Tips provided are for reference purposes, any major changes to your lifestyle should only be done after consulting with your doctor.