These 5 Conspiracies Will Make You Believe In TIME TRAVEL

Time travel has always been a fascinating topic and has led to the birth of many conspiracies. Are these stories mere urban legend or is there some truth behind the seemingly impossible events described?

While no clear evidence for time travel exists, there have been some strange events that might make you question whether it’s possible, and it’s true that governments are great at covering up what really takes place—both in this timeline and probably others…

5 Andrew Carlssin

Andrew Carlssin

After investing $800 in the stock market, Andrew Carlssin made over $350 million dollars in just two weeks in March of 2003. Authorities were sure that insider trading was the reason behind the astronomical gains, and he was taken into custody for questioning during which Carlssin claimed to be from the year 2256. Which explains his wise investment.

After spending a month in custody, Carlssin was due to face trial, but he was unexpectedly released after an unknown man paid his $1 million bail. After his release, Carlssin disappeared without a trace.

It was later revealed that during his questioning, Carlssin correctly predicted the date of the U.S. invasion of Iraq, which could have been a lucky guess. However, further evidence supports Carlssin’s time travel claims. No records of the man can be found dating before December 2002, when he insisted he had arrived from the future. Also, since his disappearance in 2003, the feds haven’t been able to find Carlssin under any aliases. So is it possible that he returned to his own year after the investment plan didn’t go quite how he wanted it to?

4 Rudolph Fentz

Rudolph Fentz

In 1950 a man clad in 1870s garb was seen in the middle of busy Time Square. This man would later be identified as Rudolph Fentz after he was fatally hit by a car.

Not only was his confused state and clothing strange and out of place, but what was found in his pockets was baffling. He had a letter dated 1876, a metal coin good for a beer from an unknown tavern, a receipt for horse and carriage care, several vintage business cards, and some cash.

Okay, so anyone can put on an old suit, stuff some dated paperwork in their pockets, and wander around busy Time Square; but there are a few things about this story that bring time travel to mind. First of all, none of the documents or clothing showed yellowing, discoloration, or rips; they were pristine.

It was also unclear why the man was disoriented and wandering in the middle of one of the busiest streets in the US. Furthermore, police found no recent records for Rudolph Fentz, but after examining older archives discovered that a man by the name of Rudolph Fentz disappeared in 1876, the same date on the letter he was carrying…

3 Si Qing Tomb

Si Qing Tomb

Southern China was the location of this next mystery. It was discovered when local archaeologists began to unseal a 400-year-old tomb from the Ming Dynasty. During the dig, the archaeologists discovered a small ring-like object on the floor of the tomb. After further investigation, it was found to be a small watch, likely to be Swiss.

The tomb had been completely intact and untampered with, so it’s difficult to explain how a one-hundred-year-old watch becomes trapped in a tomb 300 years before it’s time. In fact, Switzerland didn’t even exist during the time of the Ming Dynasty.

Maybe the success of the Chinese Empire had something to do with this time traveller who it’s thought could predict important future events and had knowledge of inventions that wouldn’t be seen for hundreds of years.

2 John Titor

John Titor

Probably one of the most well-known time travellers, John Titor supposedly arrived at our timeline in the year 2000 from the year 2036. This was when he began communicating with a growing number of people online, answering their questions and giving predictions and advice for the future. He also posted pictures of his time machine and explained how it worked.

Months after his posts began, Titor vanished claiming that he was going to go back to his own worldline. Although some of his predictions have not held up (like WWIII breaking out in 2015), there are some things that would be very hard for him to know without having come from the future; for example, the growing tension and war between Iraq and Afghanistan.

Because Titor hasn’t been seen or heard from for the past fourteen years, it makes his story all the more mysterious. Maybe his travelling to this time has changed some major events that he predicted back in 2001. Who knows? Wherever Titor is now, hopefully, the catastrophes that he said would happen in the future have been prevented.

1 Future Roadside Restaurant

 Future Roadside Restaurant

This story takes place in Southwest U.S.A. on the allegedly haunted Highway 56 in 1972. Four female college students had spent the day at a rodeo in neighbouring Nevada and needed to return to their dorm before the curfew.

The girls were making pretty good time and took a northbound exit that would lead them to Southern Utah University. It was at that time that their trip began to get very strange. The road turned into a white pavement and ended suddenly at the bottom of a previously nonexistent wall of rock. After turning the car around, they noticed that the landscape was entirely changed, with fields of crops and forests that were not there a few minutes ago.

The girls were very disoriented and decided to stop at a diner on the side of the road. One of the girls rolled down the window to ask for directions from someone who was exiting the restaurant. After this, they claim that they were pursued by futuristic trikes. However, moments after the chase began they found themselves back on the correct road bound for home. The girl later claimed that the person she saw looked inhuman. Perhaps they had travelled to a far-distant future….just for a few moments. What do you think?